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Liz Bullock
Lounge Kitty
Haley Schaffer
The Broadside of the Barn XII
Emily Keener
Sunday, September 3rd. 7:00PM. Grafton, Ohio

By complete coincedence on Memorial Day weekend in 2005 we where enjoying a small Sunday jam session at the Barn when one by one the Queen Bees of the Cleveland blues and jazz scene came for an unexpected visit and a small audience of 50 guest or so where treated to an amazing magical evening of music. Then fifteen year old Ricky and eighteen year old brother Rob Muzik where the only drummer and guitar player respectively in the house that night and ended up playing wonderfully for nearly four hours without much break. Ki Allen, Becky Boyd and  Mary Bridget Davies later joined by Charlita Anderson-White and even later by gospel singer Kim Bryon, Rob & Rick's mom. The following spring and summer I chatted with Dot Martin and Chris Kuwamoto whom had been in the audience that night and we hatched a plan to recreate the magic of that evening. Here we are twelve years later and the show has been a hit ever since.
Addmission is $25. Tickets are available in advance by using paypal. Be sure to print your receipt and bring to the show.
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Heres the Deal
  •     All Beverages are BYOB
  •     A grill is provided for cooking.
  •     No underage consumption of alcohol
  •     Gates open at 6:00.
  •     No early arrivals please.

Ashley Fulton
The Broadside Story
Mary Bridget Davies
Welcome to the 12th. Edition of The Broadside of the Barn. Mike's Barn longest running production. This year, as always, we bring back old friends and welcome new. Returning this season is once again our good friend and 2015 Tony Nominee for "A night with Janice Joplin" Mary Bridget Davies. I'm guessing this Mary's 8th reunion with the show and we are sure pleased to have her back again. Her participation this year was in question since Mary joins us in the 30th week of her pregnancy but she gladly accepted an offer to do a few tunes for us this year.

Another Veteran of the last 3 or 4 shows is Emily Keener whom had first joined the lineup back in 2013 at age 15. Emily of course has enjoyed great success in recent years after making the finals in "The Voice" in 2016. Also joining us again is Tracy Marie whom is also s veteren of many shows, Tracy last joined us back in 2015 at the Music Box Supper Club show. Emily is doing a solo set and Tracy is working up a duo set for the show. Also joining the show is Joy Parrish AKA the hippie chick to help open the show.

Mike's Barn is looking forward to introduction you all to some new talent this season. New artist joining the fun this year include Liz Bullock whom came highly recommended from multiple music friends. I'm told she's just fantastic. The only video I could find of her was her band winning the High School Rock Off in 2013 at the Rock Hall. Both Jim Wall, Dave McDougald, Chris Hanna, and Ben Nieves are backing Liz and Mary Bridgett. Joining us also via recommendation is 16-year-old producer, singer, and songwriter Ashley Fulton of Cleveland. Judging by her YouTube video of a recent performance it looks like we're in for a real treat. And finally, this season Lounge Kitty will at last join us. I say "at last" because we have been trying to get her into the show for several years and the timing just hasn't worked out until this year. Essentially Lounge Kitty (Jessica Horvat) puts on a lounge act like a drag queen where "The hair is big, the dresses are tacky, and the show is bawdy and over-the-top." See video here.
The Broadside 2017
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Tracy Marie
Joy Parrish
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