Mike's Barn Newsletter
charles mesker (c) 2009
October 24, 2009
This Sunday at Mike's Barn we bring to a close the 14th. season the way we opened it.
Well not exactly. Back on May 1st the Barn opened up for a rushed season opener after a venue cancelled a show for Kristine Jackson and her visiting friends; The Bottoms Up Gang from St Louis.  K.J. called and asked, I gladly said yes and so it went. This Sunday, Kristine has said that she will be dropping in and help close the place for the season.

It's been a long and wacky season at the Barn ever since. After six months and forty some shows of hitting it hard it's time to let go of any remaining hopes of an Indian Summer. It was about this time last year we were soaking up temps in the 70's  through the first week of November making last year the longest season I can recall. It was also about a year ago to the weekend that the Barn hosted a fundraiser for the family of the late Maurice Reedus and the Barn had one of those late warm memorable evenings and many old friends came out to tribute and play for a good cause and common friend.

This Sunday, many are coming to play and although the weather may be cool the barn will be hot. Many of the guest artist are coming out after their performances at this years Breastfest Cleveland fundraiser being held at Brothers Lounge in Lakewood. Breastfest is a great show for a great cause and I urge you to stop in and show your support and see all of Cleveland's great ladies of song.

Life is unpredictable so you may never know if this is the very last barn show. The barn is looking pretty saggy and I have no idea if it will make it through another winter. As a matter of fact, my bones are feeling pretty saggy too and I'm not sure I can make it through another winter either.
Lots's of great players have signaled they will be attending tommorows season finale. So players, Come on out and lets put this season to rest properly with a big session.

Parking is a little spotty from the rain showers but use commen sense and you will be just fine.

Admission is free but we will ask for donations to help pay our dedicated soundman Eugene for his work for the evening.

I thought I would also mention that it is National "Give a Musician a Bottle of Beer Week" and you may wish to come prepared as a fan. You would be suprised how much better they sound. Also, newbees should be reminded that it is customary to bring the host a bottle of single malt scotch to win favor.


Temputures are expected to start in the 60's and cool to the 40's so dress for the weather.

Mike's Barn is at
10516 Indian Hollow Road
Elyria, OH. 44035
Sam Bocchicchio
Jack Charlton
Rob Muzik
Conrad Reeves
Kristine Jackson
Kristine Jackson
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