I looks like we are going to open the barn season with a bang this Friday with a free show featuring the music of Kristine Jackson with some  special guest, The Bottoms Up Blues Gang from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Kristine Jackson and sideman guitarist Robbie Muzik, both longtime friends of Mike's Barn met the Bottom's Up Gang at this years International Blues Challenge in Memphis and have invited them to join them here in Cleveland for a couple of shows this week.

The show gets underway at 8:00pm and you are welcome to bring food to cook on the grill and of course all beverages are b.y.o.b.  Admission is free but we ask you help support the artist via the tip jar and buying merchandise. Dress for the weather!

A word of caution, the Barn is not exactly ready for prime-time as a number of projects both practical and impractical are underway in preparation for or very big season.
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April 29, 2009
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Kristine Jackson
Kristine Jackson
Mike's Barn welcomes you to an evening of music unlike anything we've ever done before. Featuring three true vanguards in the music world. Bruce Katz, Tony Monaco and now Doug Johns. Bruce Katz is thee piano player in blues music today. Nominated again this year by the International Blues Foundation for the Pine Top Perkins Piano Player of the Year award, Bruce is fast becoming the thee piano player sought for performance and recording by top bands and artist nationwide.
Bruce is no stranger to a Hammond Organ either and teaches master classes in Hammond Organ as an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

This all came about last year almost to the day John Hammond came to Mike's Barn (April 28, 2008) and we where discussing his last album "When push comes to shove" when he brought up Bruce Katz. John told me that in nearly 40 years in the business and nearly 40 albums later that he had never worked with a better piano player in his career. If you know John Hammond's history then you know that that's a huge endorsement. About  a month after that show I got a call from Steve Langbein , Bruce's manager and he told me that he and Bruce had just had dinner with John and Marla Hammond the prior evening and that John had strongly  recommend to Bruce to call me and set up a show given the fact that he had seen all the Hammond Organs and odd piano's set up in the Barn. By the way, John told Bruce that Mike's Barn was one of his favorite joints to play (plug). So, when Bruce's tour finally came this way we decided to give it a shot.

It wasn't long after talking to Bruce that I called Tony Monaco to see if he would be interested in coming up to the Barn this summer for a show. I've known Tony for a few years and we have never been able to find a date that worked. I mentioned to Tony that Bruce was coming in May and he said  he wasn't touring in May and that we could make that work and that it would be fun to do a show with Bruce. Tony lives in Columbus. Both Bruce and Tony are endorsed by similar sponsors and they have often met at the NAMM industry shows.

Tony Monaco has made a huge splash in the world of jazz trio in the last few years and brought about a organ revival in jazz circles with his incredible chops. He's fast become thee guy in jazz organ and last year joined forces with the legendary jazz guitarist  Pat Martino. Together, they are currently touring Europe with a stop in Africa as I write.

I decided to call Bruce and check to see if he was ok with the idea, which he was, and I called back Tony and the organic show was born.

My first thought was that this would be some kind of organ show but after awhile I started to see the show for what it really was and that was that we had two of the top players in their field and that this show was simply going to be about serious chops. Serious Chops is music slang for bad ass musician. With that in mind I couldn't help but call Doug Johns and invite him to open the show, which he later agreed. Doug fits the serious chops title quite well and has been making a huge splash recently with magazine covers, seriously funky albums and some seriously bad ass collaborations with the likes of Victor Wooten and others.

It's a rare show indeed that you won't see the likes of anywhere else. It's about serious big chops from true vanguards in todays music and a really  intimate setting to absorb it.
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About this show
Mike's Barn needs your support to keep bringing you these locally produced shows. You can help by simply buying tickets and sponsoring tables early. As you know, Mike's Barn is not a business and doesn't sell anything but tickets to support these unique events. It's a huge help when you buy your tickets early and helps us capitalize and underwrite the show.
Admission is $25. Reserved tables that seat 8 are available for $100 and guarantee that you can sit with your group.
Mike's Barn is a private residence located at 10516 Indian Hollow Road, Elyria, Ohio. From Cleveland it's best to take I-480 west, It's about 20 minutes from Hopkins International Airport and a just a few turns. All spirits are b.y.o.b. All ages are welcome but 18 years and under must be accompanied by parent or guardian. A grill and utensils is provided for cooking.  It is customary for all newbees to provide the host with a bottle of single malt scotch whisky to win favor.
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